K8203 direct drive extruder, upgrade Slicer file?

Hello everyone,

I have just completed the K8203 direct drive extruder upgrade and the K8204 Z axis upgrade. I downloaded the firmware, uploaded it. I reset the Firmware EEPROM config from within Repetier (Config > Firmware EEPROM > Restore Factory Settings).

The print is not going right, something is messed up with the Z layers or the slicing.

The build instructions on page 70 says to:
This will be explained in the next chapter. Also do not forget to download the correct Slic3r config file for the K8203, so that you can slice your models with the correct settings

Does anyone know where to find this file and how to install it?

Look in this link.

[quote=“Wrong Way”]Look in this link.

Thank you for the response, that wasn’t the problem since that file only applies to Slicer V.9 or lower

The problem was that in the Repetier configuration settings, you have to switch it from 3mm filament to 1.75mm filament and switch the default nozzle diameter from .5mm to .35mm, got some great prints after that!