K8200 with MK3 200x300 heatedbed

Replaced the standard heatedbed 200 x 200 with MK3 200x300 http://reprap.me/heatbed/pcb300.html


Hi Wallie

What else did you change for this mod?
As the distance between the two Z frames is approx 45 cm a 30 cm bed would not gain any more printing space.
In fact it would reduce the printing area in X axis to a theoretical max. of 15 cm.

However, I could imagine that by turning the 200*300mm bed by 90° a considerable increase in the Y axis could be possible.

Can you please explain?


Follow up

I just checked the Y axis:
Without any mod on the Y axis bearings mount you could not gain any more than 1…2 cm in the Y axis either.

The 200x200mm bed is the right size for this printer, if no major mods are made.


profiles are extended with 25cm to assemble. the heated bed
it’s a lot of work because the complete wiring should be done again

you also need a new power supply because the MK3 24V or 12V 6.5A, MK3 is great heats up in about 2 minutes to 80 degrees

And there is a new frame needed to assemble the heatedbed



How has the reprap.me 200mmx300mm board worked out? I’m thinking about getting one.