K8200 Trimmer adjstment

Hi All

I have reached the stage where I am checking the voltages to the steppers mtrs and need to adjust the trimmers.

Even with the vellerman VTPT kit I can’t seem to get a fit, is it the core that I am to adjust or the tin cap.

Any ideas appreciated

It’s the core. Its a very small screw you have to adjust very carefully.

I use a small (maybe 1,5mm length) screwdriver from an electronics repair kit.

I have tried several kits of precision screwdrivers, but I cant get any of them to fit. What kind of trimming tool do I need? I have trouble getting the Welleman PTYT kit (I live in Norway)

Sorry, ment VTPT

Is it just one that it won’t fit or all of then?

I did it with a small screwdriver (metal) for watches. Those plastic screwdrivers don’t fit well in the metal of the trimmer. After adjustment, do check if voltage is still ok because using a metal screw driver may influence the adjustment.


Question 1 is tricky.
It depends on your experience level.
Mine took about 24 to 36 hours.
This was over about 3 weekends with a lot of interruptions
You should really look at the build instructions
Even after you build it there will be a lot of tweeking to do.

The software for it is Repetier.
You can download if in the following link