K8200 thermocouple K compatibel?


I am a bit new to the 3d printing scene. But i made some really nice prints withe the k8200 stock version.
Now i wanted to mount a other extruder the E3d V6.
I ordered it from reprapworld.com/ and it came with a Thermocouple K wire for extruder temperature.

Now it does not work with the 2 pins on the board of the k8200, the temperature reads 650 c.
So i read that i have to modify the board ? or i have to modify the Datasheet for temperature in the firmware?
But i am a bit stuck now and out of ideas, so does someone have some advice or solved the problem ?
Or should i order a 100k-Semitec-Thermistor ?


A thermocouple is a voltage source, rather than a variable resistance like the thermistor. The voltage it produces is very low and needs to be referenced to a cold junction.



1 x 100K Semitec 104GT2 NTC thermistor
12v 40W Heater Cartridge
1 x 12v 30x30x10mm fan
1 x High Temperature Fiberglass Wire - for Thermistor (150mm) OR
1m of Thermistor wire with 0.1" connectors
4 x 0.75mm Ferrules - for Solder-Free Wire Joins

According to the E3D website the hotend comes with a 100K thermistor. Measure what you have with an ohm meter. It should read about 100K ohms at room temperature (25C). It should have a negative temperature coefficient so if you hold it between two fingers the ohm reading should decrease.

After checking the Reprap website I see that they do include a thermocouple…

Try using the thermistor that came with the K8200. It should work with the E3D V6.