K8200 standard EEPROM settings?

Hello everyone,

After 8 years i finaly took the time to upgrade my rod of the z-axe.
But i did a stupped thing, i forgot to take a picture from my EEPROM settings.
Now i upgraded my firmware and now i cannot check if the values are the same so i can see if the values are correct and i ony have to change the steps off the z-axe.

Is someone out there how can place a snapshot from the original eeprom values of the K8200?

sorry I did not keep the result of M503 ( Report Settings | Marlin Firmware ) on my k8200 and therefore I no longer have the default values. And I made other modification.

(but if I remember correctly there are only the steps / mm for the Z axis that change. You go from 2133.333 to 2560 steps / mm because the screw pitch goes from 1.5mm to 1.25mm (you have to do more of steps to go up by 1mm)

But you can find the values in the Configuration.h file of the source of the original firmware. http://www.k8200.eu/support/downloads/
For exemple steps/mm from the v2 firmware http://www.k8200.eu/downloads/files/downloads/firmware_k8200_marlinv2.zip

{ X , Y , Z, E }

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {64.25,64.25,2133.333,600}  // default steps per unit