K8200 repetier 0.95F Slic3r exporting G-code

I read an old post about exporting G-Code. and to check or uncheck a box that had something to do with triangles and fill and checking codes … long long story short. The instruction .pdf doesnt say any thing about this … and i am unable to locate the magical box to check or uncheck.
1.5 hours and still going

I think I recall this project being a skill level 5… the build is a a level 2, if you knew what tools needed before starting the project a level 1.
Interpreting the instructions is a level 6.
Guessing the software instruction … I don’t know, maybe if i took a course or had an actual users guide…
These an idea, anybody know if there is a quick start guide for the software…you know like what use to come with complex products.

You could check this site.
It’s more then likely a newer version but should be close.
There is a lot of good information if you are just starting out.

Thank you Wrong Way

The G-Code just uploaded a short time ago.
I don’t think the temperature on the extruder is high enough,
Guess I should look up that information, probably don’t want it too hot.
Ambient room temperature probably a significant factor also
Thank you for helping

for PLA 190C should work very well (it does on mine)
220C is good for ABS but unless you have the printer in an encloser the fumes will make your eyes water and give you a headache.
PLA is a lot more forgiving.
Environment is everything to these and other printers
I try to have my room around 75F degrees or warmer when I an printing.