K8200 - Power up question


I am trying to start going. All is build now, so…

But I have two questions.

  1. The manual states that the power cord should be spliced and go through a filter. See URL www.k8200.eu/images/manuals/k8200/print … 02/014.jpg
    But mine allready has a “bulb/cyclinder” at the end of the cable. Could it be that this part can be skipped because in my version the filter is allready on the cable?

  2. When I power up, nothing happens (good), except a little thing (maybe bad???) I get a green led blinking at me for a second, and then it stops.
    Is this a problem, and if so, does it indicate any specific issue with the cabling? What’s the best way to diagnose the cabling?
    I’m guessing that blinking led is there for some reason?


Hi chaos51,

there is a chance that you may get errors at some later point in time that could be caused by unstable connection between printer and PC. Just keep in mind that one possible solution might be to mount the other ferrite.

With those words of precaution mentioned: for the time being, you can keep the pre-mounted ferrite core.

The green LED flashing indicates the reset of the ATmega, so this is fine when powering up.


If the PSU is already equipped with a ferrite bead, there is no need to add one.