K8200 No Temperatut Messering Printhead

I testet last night the motor drivers by changing them, and all working fine.
The reason for the not working Motor-Driver of the print head was the Heat sensor, (could fusion Prevent) to the Printhead, ( measuring allways 130 derees), but if i connect the Printhead sensor with the connector of Heat board it shows me 290 and higher.Its still heating untill i disconnect by software. changing the sensor, controlling the soldering and wiring shows no fault.
for me its a fault of Motherboard.

so what now?

Can you measure the resistance of the extruder NTC at the connector that connects to the board (disconnected)?

Yes, 152 Ohm Q200k

Sorry, is it 152 ohm, measured at the connector, but disconnected from the board?


Resistance should be approx 100.000 ohm (100k) at room temperature.
If this is not the case, please check the sensor/wiring.
There is a second sensor supplied with the kit, just-in-case.

I check this…

checking both, each old and new have the same amount, its maybe 152k not 152 ohm, on the dispaly of the Vellleman DVM840 it shows 152.23 at 200k

also, if i connect the connector from the Printhead sensor to the sensor of the Printboard, it shows me in the Repetier host software the right temperatur around 16 degrece …

So if we understand correct, there is no problem with the ntc sensor, as it displays the correct temperature in Repetier, when connected?
So what happens when you turn on the extruder heating?

The Problem is: Repetier shows a Temperatur around 100 to 130 degrece for the Printhead, even if the heater is glowing…The ntc is not the Problem, the Problem is the Motherboard, because it can´t send the Temperature right to Repetier Software

You can try to reload the firmware.
Maybe it’s corrupt.

That was my first thing i did

I also install repetier new, and twice i load the Firmware new

I also check three times the wiring, check all other Connectors, its still the same Problem…there is for me the only Part thats left the Motherboard…

Maybe you have already checked but I will ask anyway.

Is the NTC properly mounted in the hole of the heater block?

Yes, my friend, all those little Mistakes i try to find, but nothing…there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers…


I’m out of ideas

That´s the reason why i think the Motherboard is the Problem

and Thank you for your reading and Idea…