K8200 Extending "Y" axis to 400mm from 200mm

Im extending the range of movement on my K8200 from 200mm to 400mm in the “Y” axis, could you please let me have the .stl files for the 8mm and 10mm linear bearing holders and the “X” axis rod guide holders i.e. the rectangular plastic blocks that locate the 10mm diameter rods to the aluminium frame, so that i can print them.

Also could you let me have an .igs or .stp file for the aluminium frame that the “Y” axis assembly is assembled onto, i can then modify the CAD file and have the new part laser cut.

The rest of the parts i can make from scratch

The idea is to move the frame back 200mm, add an additional “X” axis guide and an additional hotbed, running from a 24V supply i have.

The next stage will be to extend the “X” axis by 200mm as well, by adding another 2 hotbeds

And drive the “Z” axis with 2 motors


Hereby links to the files (please allow 1h for server update):


Thankyou, thats brilliant.
I will post pictures as i modify the printer