K8200 e3d, gt2 & trapezoidal upgrades

Hi guys,
Had the k8200 for about 2 years now and have always browsed this forum so finally I have an account. Hello! :slight_smile:
I’ve made a few tweaks to mine. Z-axis motor holder, z-axis “free” nut holder, glass bed, flex coupler

Ive just fitted the e3d today. Wiring it up tomorrow. Looks so much cleaner and nicer :slight_smile:
I am also fitting gt2 belts and also a TR10x2 trapezoidal thread for the z-axis.

Two questions though :

  1. Do I need to have a top/bearing support for the z-axis? I know the official velleman one doesn’t have one. If so can anyone link me to one that will accept a 10 mm trapezoidal screw?
  2. If I fit the gt2 belts as they are with 20 teeth pulleys, will they collide? (I am not fitting tensioners yet)



  1. What kind of leadscrew do you use? The Velleman K8204 kit?

  2. Yes, the belts will collide.
    There is a solution on thingiverse that repositions the Y motor to untangle the belts.
    I used that as a base for my GT2 2mm/16teeth Belt mod.
    I added support for belt tensioning to the X axis idler and modified the Y idler parts to fit my flanged bearings.

I’ve got the original k8200 screw at the moment, swapping it for tr10x2

Don’t suppose you’ve got a link for the part? I don’t want to print the wrong one haha :slight_smile:

[quote=“Sonicboomish”]I’ve got the original k8200 screw at the moment, swapping it for tr10x2

Don’t suppose you’ve got a link for the part? I don’t want to print the wrong one haha :)[/quote]

Here is the link to the XY Belt mod i used :

You have to render the individual parts in SCAD (OpenSource) then export them as stl. openscad.org/downloads.html
This allows for easy modification. Let me know if you need help with that.

For the Leadscrew mabe have a look at this : thingiverse.com/thing:648925
All parts are available as 123D Design (free from Autodesk) files for tweaking.



Thanks for you help Christian,

It looks like that the bottom belt of the Y-axis will rub slightly on the X-axis “sliding rod”. Doesn’t look like the belts will touch as they’re 20 teeth, not 16, so I might just fit them and have a look. If it just touches the sliding rod then I’ll fit a ball bearing tensioner to pull the belt down. Should work.

Your hanging Z-axis looks good. I will fit the trapezoidal screw as it is, without a top support, just for print quality, then print the parts & change it over to your one. I doubt the motor will get damaged from just a few prints.

Does this all sound okay? I’m new to the whole “major upgrade” thing so just want to make sure I’m not overlooking anything!

I would print all the XY Axis upgrade ant mountthem, especially the X-Motor “spacer”.
The thingiverse Thing is originally designed for 20 tooth gt2 pulleys, so i think you will need the whole lot of parts.
I just found out it works as is for 16 tooth pulleys too.



Okay will do, thanks!

Regarding the e3d v6, I have used the e3d heater & thermistor, do I need to change anything in the firmware for this? As I believe it’s 12v?

No changes necessary. At least for the Heater cartridge.
The Velleman heater is also a 12V type AFAIK.
The Thermistor should also be the same type.

Just thought I’d give an update. I have fully installed the e3d with 0.3 nozzle, installed gt2 belts with 20 tooth pulleys. And I did my first print with the new upgrades!

Also the gt2 belts do not collide with 20 teeth pulleys. The bottom y axis belt JUST touches the xaxis bar, but negligible. I will print a tensioner that pulls this away anyway. My next step is to fit the tr10x2 trapezoidal lead screw.

First print - 15mm cube. 0.3 nozzle, 0.2mm layers, PLA at 210c, 60mm print speed.