K8200 - don't know where else to put this


So many questions …

[ul][li]When?[/li][li]How much?[/li][li]Where (distributor)?[/li][/ul]

Seriously, guys, you can’t put that “teaser” out there, then lock the forum and that’s it. That is just cruel punishment. Not unusually cruel … just cruel!


Check out this website it has great info including the price about 700€ in europe.
and i saw somewhere that the printer is coming out about August.

hope this helped

conrad.de/ce/de/product/4096 … satz-K8200

Just found this website i know its in german but it states that the printer will be out at the end of July
and will cost 699€. But it looks like the send worldwide so that answers your questions i think.

(By the way i looked this up cause I really want one)


To MostlyHarmless:

Thank you for your interest in our kits.
Sorry, this technical support forum is not the correct place for ‘when-where-how much’-questions.
We assume that you are a US resident.
You can contact our US support dept. at (817) 284 77 85 or write to sales at vellemanusa dot com


Check out these links.


Hope this helps.

You put that teaser out there in a new forum, then locked it so nobody can post in it. I would think that K8200 forum would have been the right place to ask … if only I could.

That much is right … although I still have a EU passport :wink:

Anyhow, thanks for all the responses. 700 Euros sounds like something to put on my Xmas wish list for sure.

Sorry, we just want to keep things ‘technical’ on this forum.
If we would allow commercial and marketing issues, the forum would grow beyond control.
As opposed to other forums, we like to keep things neat and tidy and avoid an overload of useless information.
Anyway, thanks for your continued interest in our kits and for your support to other user.

one question though why dont you have a topic or something where people can post other less technical things cause i for one would like to have a chance to just talk to other people who use these items about them.