K8200 Connection and controller issue

I recently got delivery of an K8200 I am trying to connect it but there are some problems.
I do not get the:
“FIRMWARE_NAME:MarlinV1; Sprinter/grblmashupFIRMWARE_URL:http://www.K8200.eu - velleman.eu PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:K8200 - 3D PRINTER EXTRUDER_COUNT:1.”

And,of course, I cannot drive the unit in manual mode either.

When I connect to the usb port (with the unit’s power supply off) two lights come on but when I switch on the power supply another light flashes twice and then all lights go out. When I press the reset switch the same light flashes twice again and then nothing. Looking around in the forums, it appears that the unit goes into “safety” mode.
I tried and removed all the connections to the controller to discount the possibility of a short further downstream affecting the controller, but this has not helped.
Does anyone have any ideas on this one please?
My initial reaction is that I have some issue with either the power supply or the controller or both. Could there be something else?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Check the baud rate, should be 250000
Make sure “Reset on Connect” is set to “Disabled”
Have you loaded the drivers?
You can find the all in one package in the link below.

Thanks Wrong Way,

Have checked these already. Drivers are loaded, baud rate is 250000 and “reset on connect” set to “disabled” - perhaps I should have explained that in the first posting to save you the trouble but thanks anyway.

Check the voltage at the blue connector on the board.
Should be 15 volts DC

Thanks for this Wrong Way.
We have managed to iron out the issue. A USB port problem apparently (computer end).
The behavior of the unit appears to be ok now, save for the fact that one of the PCBs that control the motors cannot be set to prescribed value (0.425), or any reasonable value for that matter. In fact, we are waiting for a replacement part for this.
Let’s hope we do not get more surprises.
Thanks again.


Glad to hear that you got most of it sorted out.

I have found that setting the voltage to 0.55 works best.