K8200 calibration problem

Good evening,

I finished the printer and now I use this part of the user manual : k8200.eu/manual/printing.

001 Chapter OK
002 Chapter

Problem #1: When I press the Z axis up 10 mm button the printer head goes up 10 mm when I press the down button the head goes down, but if I press again the down arrow the head does not move. (The coordinate it was zero). If I press the Z axis home button a head goes up a bit 1-3 mm and after the head cannot go down.

Problem #2: When I press the Y axis any button (back, forward, home) no any reaction. I can move easily the heated bed in this direction. I had pressed the Y home button, the plate is moved back a little bit and after nothing.

The X axis is working well (the home button and the arrows) everything is OK.

Plesae help where can I find the problems.
Thank you very much.

From your description this sounds like an end stop (micro switch) problem for the Y and Z axis.
Unplug the Y and Z end stop from the board and check the resistance.
When the the are away from the end stop you should see a short.
When the are against the end stop you will see an open.
Make sure the wires are on the outside post of the switch.

Thank you. Today afternoon I will check the end switches.

Good evening :slight_smile:

I checked teh end switches and I found a not well soldered wire at the Z axis endswitch, but the another axis endswitch was good.

So, I switched on the printer and I clicked the home buttons, X and Z perfetto, but the Y axis motor steped one or I do not know how many, but it was very small movement and after stopped. After the printer did not react the Y axis command buttons.

Reconnect the printer from the Repetier and no reaction :frowning: and after I pressed the reset button on the panel the Y axix command buttonare still not working. I measured the milivolts on the panels (426, 425, 427, 420).

Where can I search my problem, maybe the wires of the Y axis motor?

But I am happy because two axis is working well :))

I am looking forward your answer.
thank you, thank you.

You should check the wires.
Also set the reference voltage to 0.55 I have found that to work best.


Thank you very much for your help. I checked the wires and there was a problem, I mixed the wires a bit. Now it is working well.

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thank you and have a nice day


Just knowing that I helped with your printer is payment enough.

Happy printing!