K8200 3D printer problem! Help Me!

I have installed K8200 3D printer(full mechanical and electrical). and I installed diver and repetier host software and connected with computer. when I clicked the connect button, it give me this. 11:01:41.023 : FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin V1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 FIRMWARE_URL:http://www.k8200.com/ PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:K8200 EXTRUDER_COUNT:1
11:01:41.067 : X:0.00Y:0.00Z:0.00E:0.00 Count X: 0.00Y:0.00Z:0.00
11:01:41.089 : echo:Active Extruder: 0
11:01:41.089 : Begin file list
11:01:41.089 : End file list
11:01:41.089 : echo:Active Extruder: 0

  1. so this means the computer and the printer connected. but when open the repetier s/w and clicked manual button, i cannont order x,y and z axis mannually. but when i click the automatic button on x,y and z button, they move.
    why i cannot control them? what is the problem? is there possible area should i have to check? I have checked up all the circiut cable connection and they are okay.
    forexample, when i clicked the fun button from repetier s/w, it works mannually.
    2)when i clicked the bed temperature and the extruder to be heated, it won’t heated. On the repetier host software at the bottom postion, the extruder shows 738,8/off bed:21,5.
    why the the extruder is too high? how can i adjust?
    3)On the ciruit board, we have 4 ICs motor, and I have measured the voltage of each and it give s me like this. E-motor=0.9v, Z-motor= 0.36v, Y-motor=0.88v , X-motor=0.87v. The adapter DC out put is 15v, 6.67A. The out out put value of the motor is correct or should i have to be reduce to 0.425v each. Is this the possible cause? what didi you suggest me? what should I do? If the computer is connetced to the printer and the fun is working. what is the possible symptom?
    Thanks for all. waiting your answer!!!

Please see your other post.

Thank you so much for your answer. That helps me aot and it works out.
now the 3d printer is ready to print. but still, i have a problem with the slic3r. I have downloaded the K8200 PLA standard download of zipped file and I just extrat the zipped files.

  1. I clicked the slicer button and then click active, and then when i clicked the configure button. I have got this message.
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option solid_infill_extruder
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option infill_first
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option solid_infill_extrusion_width
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option infill_only_where_needed
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option max_volumetric_speed
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option external_perimeters_first
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option support_material_interface_extruder
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option support_material_interface_spacing
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option support_material_enforce_layers
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option top_infill_extrusion_width
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option standby_temperature_delta
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option bridge_acceleration
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option ooze_prevention
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option avoid_crossing_perimeters
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option external_fill_pattern
    11:16:06.360 : Unknown option max_print_speed
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option dont_support_bridges
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option support_material_interface_layers
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option interface_shells
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option thin_walls
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option spiral_vase
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option support_material_interface_speed
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option first_layer_acceleration
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option resolution
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option overhangs
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option seam_position
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option xy_size_compensation
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option infill_overlap
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option raft_layers
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option external_perimeter_extrusion_width
    11:16:06.361 : Unknown option support_material_contact_distance
    11:16:06.459 : unable to resolve overloaded method for Wx::ComboBox::SetSelection at C:/PROGRA~1/Repetier-Host/Slic3r/lib/std/Slic3r/GUI/Tab.pm line 824

but the manual said that it will come up another small slic3r window. what can i do? what step should i follow? where should i extract the K8200 PLA standard download of zipped file? what is the solution?
Thanks in advance.