K8115 does not calibrate

After entering selftest mode. The display reports
1 - 2 - 3
0.50Ohm 0.39Ohm

After that “not calibrated”

What can I do?

Hello @nexus62,

It seems the callibration was nog correct.

Did you follow the correct calibration procedure as described in manual?

Please note:
for correct calibration, you’ll need to add an extra capacitor with a capacity of 100nF - 20µF to the terminals


Before you can start testing components, you will have to calibrate the tester. What you’ll need is a capacitor with a capacity between 100nF and 20µF.
Then follow the calibration procedure below:

  1. Connect the 3 probes together.

  2. Press the button on the tester and immediately press it again if you see “Selftest mode” on the screen. If successful, you should see “R0=”.

  3. When you “isolate Probes” appears on the screen, disconnect all the probes.

  4. When you see “1 -||-3 > 100nF” appear on the screen, connect the capacitor to probes 1 and 3.

  5. After a while, the calibration should end with success.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

i could calibrate using the menu.

Nice to here it’s working now.

Velleman Support