K8101 USB Display parts mismatch

I have purchased this kit and built it up. Till now everything is ok but for resistor R5 the BOM (and the schematic) says 1K metalfilm resistor and I only have one 10K metalfilm resistor over. Since all parts have been bonded together I’m now unsure what is correct for R5 1K or 10K. The resistor as a part is not the problem, I have some available in my storage. I just want to know the right value. I have double checked all resistors. The other 10K resistors are R6 and R7 , they are in the right place and both are no metalfilm ones. And the only other metalfilm resistor in the kit is R4 with 680 Ohms. And yes, I’m sure the last resistor I have from the kit is 10K (color code and measuring).

Hi have the same problem, did hou find out if the 10k resistor in the kit was the correct one (i found one too) or dies itneed a 1k metafilm resistor instead?

Hi, I have got no answer at all. But as far as I remember, I have used a 10K resistor which I had around and it worked. it was long ago and it was a gift for somebody else, so I don’t have a chance, to check it again, sorry.

I have to correct myself and my last posts. I looked again into the wiring diagram and there is R5 a 1K resistor which pretty sure is the correct value. It is there in combination with the R4 680 Ohm to adjust the output value of the LM317 to 3.3 Volt. With R5 10K this output voltage would be wrong.
Sorry for the cunfusion.

Thanks i put the 1k earlier on and it worked