K8101 shows only emails up to 2016 even selecting "newest"

I managed to assemble the k8101 kit despite being shipped with one wrong resistor inside (Fortunately i noticed it and installed the correct one).
I have tried all the programs including mail Display.
However, selecting my gmail, it shows emails up to 2016 and it says the total number of emails is 206 but i obviously have thousands.
How comes it stopa at 2016 and doesn’t progress?
Btw, hotmail doesn’t work even with app password, it says i cannot use NOOP unless I’m authenticated on the server, which i don’t know what means.
Thanks for the help

Anyone with similar problem?
The mail program isn’t much use if it doesn’t show all/newest emails.
It is very odd it shows onlt emails from 2016…

Hello !
I don’t have a K8101, but I think I remember from a message on this forum, that unfortunately, you have to empty your mailbox (or try with a new mail account) because too many messages “flood” the program. Otherwise maybe if you find the source code of the program … but it’s not necessarily easy to correct the thing and compile it.

For the NOOP problem … sorry no clues … maybe by studying the principle of using a NOOP SMTP Commands and Response Codes Guide | Mailtrap

Thanks for your answer, that explain things…
I’m oretty sure that everybody (except my 85yrs old Grandma) have a few years of important inbox messages, so erasing them to make a gadget work is no feasible.
Well then it means the code was poorly written. I believethat this disclaimer should be put on the Velleman website, because imsure that this would leave lots of people disappointed because what is advertised is different from what one can get feom this items functions…
Re the noop notice, i though i could solve by switching to 2 step authentication and generating an APP password but it didn’t work either so i cannot access my hotmail only my gmail.
Anyway if there is alimit to 300 emails and few years old, that would also be pointless anyway.
Thanks for your help nonetheless