K8099 - nixie clock parts list?

Am building the nixie clock kit number k8099, I installed two capacitors and one inductor to highly for the display board to be mounted, I removed them but need to buy replacements and am unsure what are suitable substitutes.

The parts I need were used in steps 12 and 13, the 330 uH coil and 220uF/25v & 2.2uF/350v capacitors.

I am more than a little overwhelmed by the selection of coils and capacitors available online and am hoping that someone can point me to a parts list for this kit so I can be sure to buy equivalent or identical items.

Thank you.

The specs you mention are the only specs you need, apart from the fact that the coil is a 1A type, which is not mentioned.
When you order them, make sure the dimensions correspond more or less.