K8098 blank screen

My problem is not new when i read earlier messages here
I purchased the kit a week ago. there is an internal blue sticker with 1139278 number on it.
Only the back light is working. the power regulater does work fine. with Tektronics oscilloscope i could verify that the op amp does work properly powervoltage to pic are available but the pic seems dead.
What i found strange that the schematics are showing a Crystal and two capacitors but there are no components for.
Please let me know how you could support me.
Kind regards,

Hello Allgra,

The Crystal X1, and the two capacitors C12,C13 must not be mounted.
See image of instructions in manual. The µ controler (pic) uses his internal oscillator.

Also check if the diagonal bolts on the front panel are soldered,
see image below:

  • Pay attention for this remark. Check Your PCB version!


Pay attention for STEP3:

Please check all the polarized components and Your solder joints.
If it’s not working, maybe a defective CPU or display (step 3).

If so, You can create a ticket here on our customercare service platform: https://customercare.velleman.eu/
So We can help You further to solve this problem.

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