K8098: Audio Analyzer IC2 problem


I have a little problem with my Velleman Kit K8098.

When connecting the 12Volt voltage only the display (LCD) lights up.
There is no text, no indication on the screen.

I measured the entire PCB, and even checked everything with my oscilloscope.
Everything seems fine except IC2= “(DSPIC33FJ32GP)”.

I have already assembled dozens of Velleman kits.
Everything is always fine.

So I am sure that IC2 is defective or not working properly.
Also on the forum I read that I am not the only one with this problem.

Can you send me a new IC please?

Velleman kit sticker blue no: 1139278.

With kind regards,

Hello JUNIOR007,

For the CPU, please open a new ticket via this link: Customer Care Velleman
So we can help You further on this issue, via Our Customer Care Service.

Best Regards
Velleman Support


thank you for your message.
Unfortunately I don’t have a “Customer ID Number”.
I bought the kit from an online retailer.

With best regards