K8096 usb driver

To all,
First let me say that this is a very awkward way to get support…

Anyway, while trying to install the usb driver for the steppermotor controller K8096 in Windows 8, I got the following message:

“The third party INF does not contain digital signature information”

And there it ends…

So, the question is: what next???

Regards, Arnold de Bruin

This is a very clever way of support … while the Velleman engineers look tv at home, are reading a good book or are already in bed (they also have a live you know), someone else who has the same experience probably can help you. See it as a world wide knowledge base.
Did you try to install the driver with the signed driver enforcement of W8 disabled?

Thanks laserguy, I take back my words :wink:
It took some searching though how to disable that… perhaps not something for your average computer user…
Anyway, the driver loaded, now back to my “project” :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome Arnold ;-).

Windows 8 isn’t for a normal average computer user but for very twisted minds ;-). No one buys 24" inch screens to see a set of tiles with a few words on it :-P.

Glad it works! Enjoy!

Today’s “average computer user” doesn’t have much use for a “stepper motor card”, or would even know what a “stepper motor” is in the first place. Ask some “average computer user” what they think how many stepper motors are in a DVD drive. You get the picture.

Be happy that you aren’t treated as an “average computer user” around here.


A new driver is available that is compatible with Windows 8