The kit was assembled and works as it should EXCEPT I can’t seem to make the presets work as I expected. I expected that when the system had power I could press the switch of for exanple “A” and the MP3 in directory A would play. Pressing “B” would cause the MP3’s in directory “B” to play. This does not happen. What ever switch I press the music in “A” plays and Directory A is shown on the LCD display. I must be missing a step. Am I mixing up Folder and Directory?


As default the preset buttons should play the files in the folders ‘A’, ‘B’ etc.
All the folders (directories) ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc. must be in the root of the disk.
The K8095 does not support subfolders.

You can try to reprogram the preset buttons.
See user manual p. 9.

Procedure to re-assign a preset push button
First select a folder

  • Press long push button SW6 “select” to open the setup menu.
  • Select the folder with push buttons SW4 (up) / SW5 (down.)
  • Confirm with a short press on SW6.
    Assign now the folder
  • Play a song of the selected folder.
  • Press push button SW1 to pause the MP3 player.
  • Press long on the preset button where you want to assigned the folder on it.
  • The name of the preset button and the folder appears on the LCD-display.
  • Led LD4 will blink fast to confirm if no LCD is mounted, if LCD display is mounted a message appear on the screen.

Thanks for the info… I followed your instructions and the first two I did what written and all is well!