K8095 LCD lights up but doesn't work


I’ve assembled this kit and I think all contacts are good. Despite only the PC1602WRS-KWA-E LCD-screen lights up.

That’s all it does, further nothing… I’ve assembled the kit very carefull so I don’t know what’s wrong.

What can cause this problem and how can I solve this?

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Have you tried to adjust the contrast potentiometer RV1 ?
Turn it to max position clockwise.

Thanks! I’ve tried that and now the first line of the LCD give black squares…

It seems that the player is in “No LCD” mode.
Do you have a jumper cap put to the pins “No LCD” of J8 ?
If yes, remove it.

I have no jumper cap to these pins. When i place a temporary led instead of the LCD it lights up…

that’s all it does right now.

Please check that pins 4 and 5 of J8 are not in short circuit.
Check also that pin 4 of J8 is not short circuited to GND.

I’ve checked that and they are not in short circuit…

Next you can check every connection between the LCD connector J10 and the microcontroller IC3.
If all connections are OK and no line is short circuited to GND or other lines then you have to return the unit for check / repair.