K8090D and Labview

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I am trying to integrate the K8090D Relais board into my Labview application. This is so far successful for setting the relais but reading their status is a tough cookie to me because i can not get the dll to work. As a workaround I simply called this little program K8090C.exe from labview which is shipped with the driver to write to the relais board - Works very well. However this tool does not read the board status.

So here is my question. Is there any little console program just like the K8090C.exe out there that returns a status code (e.g. a byte) when called?

Or - alternatively… Has someome managed to fully integrate the K8090C.dll into labview?

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We do not have any experience with LabView at all, maybe some users on this forum may be able to help. LabView is very pricy (starting at 995$), so probably not that many people use it.

It would help a lot if there would be something like this little dos-box program, that sets the relays but for reading their status. That would be really all i need :slight_smile:

If you use this dll:
velleman.eu/downloads/files/ … abView.zip

And follow this guide:

Then the prototypes would be:

int32 K8090Connect(char *port);
int32 K8090Connected();
void K8090Disconnect();
int32 K8090GetRelayStatus(int32 relay);
void K8090QueryRelayStatus();
void K8090SwitchRelayOn(int32 relay);
void K8090SwitchRelayOff(int32 relay);
void K8090ToggleRelay(int32 relay);
int32 K8090GetRelayCount();

All functions reside in K8090D.DLL and use the stdcall (also called WINAPI) calling convention. All functions should be threadsafe. Place this dll in the System32 folder.

The “relay” parameter is a number between 0 and 7. The “port” parameter is a C-string, with the name of the COM port, for example “COM1”.

Thanks a lot for your efforts and patience.
I tried to integrate the dll before, but Labview had problems with it.

I took the time to “write” some Labview Code that controls the K8090 via basic serial Hex commands today. If someone is interested, please write me an Email or post here. Its not beautiful I think but it does the job.

Thanks a lot though to the velleman support! Keep doing the good work!

[quote]I tried to integrate the dll before, but Labview had problems with it.[/quote]This DLL has different functions to read and write the relay statuses (easier) which are probably more suited to LabView.

Hello lukebo,
could you please send me your LabView code? Thanks a lot.

Hello support team,
I cannot open the link you posted for the DLL. Could you please post it again?
I also want to ask if there are 64-bits DLLs which are available for LabView?
Thanks ahead.

@chen ,

Link labview is still working and can be downloaded. but on different way (Win Security blocks it in edge browser).

This is how to donwload the file:

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