K8090 (vsi8090)


This card is problem. If i push button and take loos button out relay stay on.
I dont want this program. I want, if i push button relay is (on) only time what i
push button

I need a program to change this

K8090/VM8090 Demo Application 1.0 program work now.
If i try change cmd, mask ore param all time come this:

´Signored´is not a valid integer value

What is problem.?

Hello @jukkh ,

Via The Protocol Manual and de Demo Software, you can switch between 3 modes for the buttons.

  • (Momentary: The relay stays on as long as the button remains pressed)
  • (Toggle: Toggles the corresponding relay => button press relay stays on, button press again relays is switched off
  • (Timed: The relay is switched on and the timer for the relay is started. If the timer is already running, the timer is aborted and the relay is switched off.)

For Set the buttons in Momentary mode (see protocol manual Page: 7),
Open the demo software and connect with the COM port of K8090 / VM8090 see device manager for the correct port (by COM&LPT), and click on the “More…” button. Developer console goes open. Now you cand send commands to K8090 for changing the button mode.

The Protocol Manual can be found, after installation of the software package: https://www.velleman.eu/downloads/files/downloads/k8090_vm8090_rev1.zip
at location => C:\Program Files (x86)\Velleman\K8090\Help​ => “ProtocolManual.pdf”.

All info and download available from product page: 8-CHANNEL USB RELAY CARD - Whadda

For All relays in Momentary mode:
CMD = 21
PARAM1 = 00
PARAM2 = 00
Click on “Send” button => now all the relays are in Momentary mode. This will be saved in EEPROM settings.


For all relays in Toggle mode:
CMD = 21
MASK = 00
PARAM2 = 00
Click on “Send” button => now all the relays are in Toggle mode. This will be saved in EEPROM settings.​

For other settings see the protocol manual.

Hope to have informed you sufficiently with this.

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