K8090 - Relayboard

Hello at all,

These days I bouhgt and built the second K8090 Relayboard.

The first one is working perfect.

The second gives me a questions:
Below the red controllight of Relay 1 - where i can see if it is on or off - is a red arrow where i dont know why…
see screenshot.
This button 1 is default ON when i start the programm.
How i can do or undo this???

And second question: is it possible to change the red controllight into green if it is on?
Now the different to see is very difficult for me under light conditions…

Thanks for help

Nobody can help me???


Robert :slight_smile:

Hello !
I dont have a K8090.
Sorry unless you find the source code it seems complicated to change the colors. (maybe a hacker could edit in hexadecimal and find in the binary where the image and the color are coded)
For the relay always ON I do not know … may be the programming on the card (a jumper? a defaut fonction …) Or an assembly fault.

Hello PPAC,

Thanks for help.
I will search this file and try.
On the board itself is only one jumper to select externe power or not…
So i hope that somebody can help me who has one K8090.

kind regards