K8090 -Get relay/s settings using VB.net

Is it possible to issue a command using VB.net to get the status of a relay, or all relays?
There seem to be two commands, QueryRelayStatus, and RelayStatus.
I have tried both using SendCommand(Velleman.Kits.K8090Command.RelayStatus, &H1) SendCommand(Velleman.Kits.K8090Command.QueryRelayStatus, &H1) but nothing happens, except the LD9 LED blinks.
Any help would be very helpful, as I would like to display the current status on screen.

Many thanks
John Osborn

Hello !
Don’t have a K8090 and my Visual Basic is from a long time ago … but …
Have you read the topic :

Or maybe a carefull search of “K8090” or “VM8090” in the forum will give you more answer.

Hopping to help. Have a good day !