K8090 board used for access control

Im using the K8090 with a access control door striker. My setup is controlled by a PC with xp pro sp3 with the server app running. Im having a problem with the server app keep shutting off. It will be running for about 20 minutes then shutoff with no errors or nothing. Its there something I need to add to config file to make it not shut off? The windows firewall poped up the first time I ran it to unblock which I did so. Anyone have any ideas how to keep the server app running?

[quote]Im having a problem with the server app keep shutting off[/quote]What exactly does shutting off mean? Please be as precise as possible.

The server with the light Bulb that runs in the system tray in the far right. It will stay running for an hour or so then close with no errors or anything. I tried the app in 3 different computers with no luck of it staying running more than 4 hours.

Does the server stop listening or does the client get disconnected from the server?

What you could already try is make your client send something every n minutes to keep the connection alive.


Is your USB port set up for power save mode?
Meaning that it turns off after a set amount of time due to inactivity?