K8088 flame effect?

hello, I hope some of you electronics people can help me:

I have an edge lit sign which has a strip of LED’s along one side providing the light. The sign is clear perspex which has been etched with flames and the strip of LED’s shine through catching the etching and illuminating only where the etching is.

The problem is I cannot find an RGB controller that has a ‘flickering flame’ effect. I tried the K8088 which states that it has a flame effect but the colour is white. Some of the other effects do a similar job but I cannot get rid of the green.

All I want is an RGB controller which only flickers red/orange/yellow

Is there any way to hack the K8088 to do this or is there another product you know of that will do the job?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Replacing the strip with an orange strip will render the effect more realistic.