K8076 serial cable pin connections

hi fellows,

talking about the connection cable, the printed K8076 manual that comes with the kit shows clearly (Fig2.0, p.10) that only pins 3,4,5,7,8 and 9 are connected; but the (updated) pdf manual found at the website says additionally that “pin 9 IS NOT connected in K8076!”. Following all these info, I built a cable with only pins 3,4,5,7 and 8 connected.

But, I wonder about which is the final correct wiring of the connection cable(?)

Any suggestion for the cable connections from Velleman would be much appreciated.

kind regards

ps. Beside the above, I have tried both a factory made 9pin, pin-to-pin serial cable and a cable built according to the specifications found in the manual(s), as described above, and both cables ended with the same haphazard functioning of the kit; for my case, trying to program a 16f876 and a 16f877-20 pic, I was succesful for once with the former (all other following attempts resulted in errors!), while I was repeatedly unsuccesful with the latter.

The differency is just for downwards compatibility with the K8048.