K8076 and Pic16f883 identifying and writing problems

I use PicProg2009 with a K8076. When I try to program pics like a 16f877 and 18f4620 I have no problem at all and everything works fine. I have a 15V dc powersupply connected.
But I get errors when I try to program a pic16f883. First of all, half of the time when I try to “identify connected pic” in PicProg it states “Not supported, Wrong Connected Pic or No ID’s available”. When I take the pic out of the socket and reinsert the pic, sometimes the pic gets identified. The connections are the same for all the pics mentioned, btw.
Second, when I try to write the pic it states “The settings don’t match the pic in the programmer” and it results in a write error.
Am I doing something wrong here?

Solved! By connecting pin 36 (PGM) to ground I was finaly able to program the pic. Read for instance this article: http://www.fairwayacademy.org/2009/05/16/microchip-pic16f883-anomolies-and-other-odd-behaviours/. It helped me solve the problem. I guess this even solves identifying- and programming problems for other pics as well? :smiley: