K8074 Voice-controlled automation

I am building a voice-controlled automation system for a disabled person. While a lot of the functions simply require a computer, I also need to control external devices - my test case being a simple electrical lamp to be switched via a usb transmitter/receiver. While an IR-based system might be simplest, I want to avoid line-of-sight problems and wish to allow for future development.
Additional requirements are (a) that the system be controlled by a linux box (running Debian), and (b) that the system is ‘learnable’ (ie can acquire codes from existing rf remote controls) as I cannot currently predict which devices might be hooked up to the system in the future.
Would the K8074 be suitable for this application? If so, would I require any further equipment? All tips or suggestions gratefully welcomed.

K8074 can only be used with K8056 relay card equipped with RX433N receiver module or K8070 two channel receiver.

It seems that there are no linux drivers/software available for this device. Is this correct - and, if so, is there any indication that they might become available in the future?

Sorry, no linux support.

Thanks for your replies - I’ll reconsider…

The K8090 software package contains source code of the communications DLL in C, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to migrate it to Linux or to understand how it works.

Communication is VERY simple + unidirectional (the card doesn’t send any feedback).

Thanks for the response. Please confirm that the k8090 downloadable software package contains all the C code I will need to control the K8074 rf transmitter.

All our source code in C is suitable for Windows only since it uses Windows API calls