For a school projekt we have bought and build a K8067 kit (The temperature sensor), but we have a problem calibrating it. The only guide we can find for doing that is doing it with a 15VDC input, but we need to use it with 12VDC input so that we can use the 0-5VDC output for the K8055 USB interface.

My problem is that i can’t calibrate it the way it say in the manual, so how should i do it?

For 0…5V a 12Vdc supply is OK. For 12V calibration: Put 4x 1K in parallel instead of 2x 1K
Multiply the result by 5 instead of 10

Thank you very much for that answer, it was just what I needed!

Is there something i need to change in the programing for reading the temperature, or is it the same? i am thinking of the

C = (101 * AD-value / 256) - 23


The formula to read the temperature remains the same.