K8066 Headphone Socket

Hello to everyone.

I need some technical advice and I hope someone can help.

I have just purchased a K8066 3W mono amplifier and I read on the suppliers website (Maplin UK) that it will accept a wide range of sound applications.

I want it to amplify the signal from my guitar effects pedal so that it will drive headphones for quiet personal use therefore not requiring a speaker to be connected.

Is it possible to wire the K8066 to the existing guitar effects pedal output and use it as a headphone jack socket (mono) without damaging the headphones or will it need it’s own dedicated jack socket?

Also, if the K8066 needs its own headphone socket, will the circuit get damaged if no headphone it inserted when I play the effects pedal from the normal output and into a guitar amp as the K8066 wont have a speaker connected?

Any help or information will be gratefully received.

Many thanks and best regards.


K 4102 would have been a better choice.

Correct operation of K8066 will depend on output level of guitar effect pedal.

Hi again and thanks for your reply.

I did not see the K4102 listed in the Maplin catalog at the time but the K8066 seemed to fit my needs as it was small and fits inside my guitar effects pedal.

I have just tried it with the pedal and a 47k pot and it works fine (it even works straight from the guitar), I just need to know how to lower the output so it will power headphones instead of a 3w speaker.

Put a potmeter at the input to reduce the input level.
(e.g. 47K log)