K8064 "steps"

I have a couple of K8064 dimmers which I control from a simple voltage source.
I’ve noticed that I get “steps” on the controlled lights, maybe 10 or 12 steps when I sweep from 0% to 100% on the source.
This is visible regardless of sweep time and load on the dimmer.

At first I tried to hook a capacitor to the CV input to smooth it out a bit but that was not the problem. Atleast the stepping was just as visible as before. The problem seems to sit in the PIC but I could be wrong.

My questions:
How many discreet steps are adressable in the PIC? All 99 steps from 0% to 98%?
Can I safely hook a smoothening cap, say 10uF, between R5/TR1 and ground to get a smother response when I control the output?

I have some respect for 230V so that’s why I ask :slight_smile:

best regards, Per

The K8064 has 255 brightness levels. (different triac trigger points)
Normally only at verry low level you can “see” these steps, you can’t modify this by adding components.