K8064, manually switching off light, dimmer stops working


It seems that when I have a light connected to the K8064 kit and when I switch off and back on this light the dimmer stops working. It becomes impossible to control the light using the dc voltage. Only after I also reconnect and connect the power to the K8064 circuit it starts working correctly again.

Is this behaviour intended? Can I do something about it (except not manually switching the connected light :wink: ) Thanks!

Sorry to ask again, did anyone else experience this or did I make a mistake when soldering the set?

This is normal for this module. If you disconnect (switch off with a switch) the lamp, the controller will โ€œseeโ€ a problem with the load and goโ€™s into an alarm mode. (red led will flash?).

Thanks for your reply! Okay, at least I know itโ€™s not a mistake I made :wink:

Do you have recommendations to work around this behaviour? For example detecting when the disconnect takes place and then reseting the velleman module?