K8064 dimmer: green LED is off, red is continuously blinking


I soldered a K8064 dimmer for controlling a simple wire heater (230V 300W - so it fits).

Upon a start-up procedure both LEDs blinked several times, than green turns off and the red one blinks continuously. In addition, I can hear a strange noise until the power is off. These symptoms don’t fit to the troubleshooting described in the manual.

What is the problem? Is it triac or something else (I checked triac, it’s from Bourns, with β)?

Dear sir,

It’s hard to say what the problem may be.
Please test the K8064 first with a regular lamp and let us know your results.
The noise should come from the coil ??

I checked it with a lamp and realized, that my problem was in installing LED incorrectly: red one was set at the place of green one and vice versa. Thanks!

Ok, now I have another problem: the red LED (in the place on the green one) doesn’t burns steadily after the adjustment of RVs. RV1 was adjusted normally - but the maximum clockwise position of the RV2 remains LED still blinking, not burning. Is it ok?

May somebody comment on above please? Should I check something or so?

It’s hard to say what’s going on.
Are you using a regular light bulb?

Maybe you could post some very clear pictures of the top and bottom of the board and put the link up here.