K8064 - defective software?

Welcome. I built this kit correctly. The LEDs operate as described. Triac trigger signal is unstable relative to the sync pulse - bulb flashes. You can not adjust the full power. I can not get an angle greater than about 30 degrees. The red LED indicates three pulses and dimmer locks. Load is a standard bulb 25 W. The CPU receives the correct signals. The problem is the “jumping” impulse to trigger the triac. What can I do?
Sorry for my terrible English.

Dear sir,

It could be the triac, please replace this one with the same type TIC225M, brand must be “Bourns”

Thank you for your help. The problem resolves itself when the triac is more loaded. At low power the load described phenomenon is incomprehensible (to me). Maybe even with this kit will execute the experiment.
Topic closing.