K8064. Can not identify LED flashing error

I have problems with flickering bulb and noise. Red LED flashing, green LED does not lit? CPU detects nothing wrong? I have video and photos on an external link. where should I email link?


You can put the link here on the forum.



How do I contact the Velleman support section?

Looks like you have made an assembly mistake.
The cap next to the fuse should be 100n, not 1µF.
usually it is blue, not red.

I have nothing left from the kit. Is it possible to replace this with:

Foil capacitor 100 nF 400 VDC, 250 VAC 15 mm, PHE450KB6100JR06 ?

Capacitance 100 nF
Rated voltage 400 VDC 250 VAC
Capacitance tolerance ±5%
Pitch 15 mm
Dielectric Double side metallized poly-propylene foil
Width 6.5 mm
Height 12.5 mm
Length 18 mm
Loss factor <3 x 10-4 @ 1kHz
Edge steepness 1 kV/µs

Strange that you have nothing left.
Anyway, yes, the cap you mention is suited for the purpose.