K8062 Trouble shooting advice

I purchased one of the K8062s in kit form for use during scenery construction for local shows. The idea being that we could use the unit to test/run some of our fixtures as we built items of scenery prior to going into the theatre and having access to the much more sophisticate desks that we normally use.

I’ve checked and rechecked my soldering and connections but the unit is still not working as I expected with the following two specific issues:

In battery test mode - when I connect the battery the power LED comes on and I cant get it to turn off (gave up pressing the power switch after 90 seconds as I got the message its not going to turn off. The fixture attached to the DMX output does not respond to pressing the test button to scroll up the values on each channel either.

In USB mode the LEDs behave as expected but again no response from the fixture, I’ve rechecked the address on the fixture and all fine.

I will have access to a couple of other fixtures over the weekend so should be able to eliminate the fixture as the issue, and will also have some better quality XLR leads and a terminator plug - I must admit to not have one in the line this evening.

However my hunch is that I have made a mistake with the assembly of the unit.

Has anyone else seen this type of issue before. If I cant solve it I will make use of the return service but would prefer to eliminate my own stupidity before sending it back.

Thanks in advance…