K8062 - Software Incompatibility - Can it work?

Below is the exact text which was emailed to Velleman Support, to which i was told to ask teh question in this forum instead. This text was directed at Velleman as a company, but since users on here may be able to solve my problem, i will pose a different question:

“Would it be possible, using the velleman sample code, to create a small script/app which would enable teh showmagic software to detect and use the velleman interface?”

Any help would be greatly appriciated, as i really would like to avoid having to purchase another interface.

[quote]I recently purchased the K8062 interface, in the hope of using it to control my lighting by using Showmagic SL24 software [http://www.showmagic.com/index.php?page=products&model=1]. After completing the kit and finding it to work with the supplied test software, I was disappointed to find that it is incompatible with the Showmagic software.
As a result of this I sent an email to Showmagic, in order to find out if there was any prospect of getting the interface to work; From the response I received (see below), it would appear that they have attempted to include compatibility into their software, but have not been able to do so; saying “we could not get the velleman sample code to work”. The result of this is likely to be that I will be forced to purchase an interface from an alternative manufacturer.

[QUOTE: Response email from Showmagic support…

“ShowMagic does not work with the Velleman interface. We have tried to
build support into ShowMagic for it but we couldn’t get the Velleman
sample code to work and we received no assistance from Velleman when we
requested it. The most economical interface to use with ShowMagic is the ‘Enttec Open’
USB interface.”


Strange, we have no records of communication between the ShowMagic people and our company.
Maybe they have sent their request to the wrong branch or departement.
If they feel like supporting our unit, they can always contact us.