K8062 Questions about the latest DLL version and functions

I currently purchased and have a K8062 kit. We are planning to develop it through the VS2017 C# WinForms (Using dotnet framework 4.7.2 version) Application. (using Windows 10 Pro OS)

My question is as follows.
1. Where is the latest K8062 DLL for 64-bit currently?

I basically downloaded the basic SDK from the catalog where the K8062 kit was introduced. (I’m a new subscriber, so I can only use two links, so I won’t attach them separately.)

However, since the DLL is 32 bits and the DLL I’m looking for is 64 bits, I found it on this Q&A bulletin board and downloaded it.

Is the DLL shared in that post the last Release version? I don’t know which one to download in Q&A article, not where I officially download it. (I think it will be confusing not only for me but also for everyone who buys and uses this product for the first time.)

2. Whether it is possible to check the connection status of K8062 SW.

In 2014, someone asked a question about the connection status at the Software Interface. The question was said to be impossible at the time, but is it still impossible now?

At that time, Link:(K8062 32bit and 64bit dll - #13 by gerritvanroekel)

I would appreciate it if you could reply when you have time.
Have a great day today.

Available here: Box

The function Connected() is included into this 64-bit version too.

First of all, thank you for answering the first question clearly.
I’m sorry I wrote you confused about question 2.

I was asking if the additional question of the user “Stoetax” on the link was still valid.
The answer to the question was that it was impossible at the time, but is it still impossible?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards, Eli

I’m sorry, it is still impossible.

Okay. Thank you for your kind and quick response. Hope you have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Eli