hellow, I have a strange problem with my interfacecards. I have 2 K 8061 interface boards, but when i connect it, all my digital inputs are already high, and when i connect the ground from the digital inputs to a digital input, it doesn’t do anything on my program. only the led on the interfaceboards goes out… can anybody help? grtz

If you use the demo program, does the digital outputs work OK?
Have you downloaded the latest software / driver package?
If not, then you can download and try this new software package for the K8061:
velleman.eu/downloads/files/ … k_2011.zip

The package includes new driver and new DLL.
There are example projects written in many programming languages included.

There is also manual K8061_DLL_manual.pdf included describing all the DLL functions

You have to remove the previous driver and install the new driver (v1.0.0.6) from this download package.
Please read the Getting_Started.pdf and the README.TXT.