K8061 under linux?


I am using a k8061 under Windows XP and C#.
I wrote a wrapper in C# and everithing is working well.

My question is: is there a possibility to use the same approach with mono under linux? I assume that a driver for the USB part concerning the communication is needed - like the k8061.dll for which I wrote a wrapper in .Net (which in fact uses an underlying usb driver - or am I wrong?). I would really appreciate it if you can provide some information regarding this problem because we want to resell our product and do not want to sell a Windows XP licence with each product.

Probably there are others out there who want to use the k8061 with linux as well.

Please provide information regarding the usage of the k8061 under linux (other approaches are welcome as well - mono is easy but if you know about other solutions which work under linux just let me know).

Thanks in advance.

A lot of people use libusb to access usb devices under linux. You could write a custom library in C.

Or, maybe you could use Perl/Python, which is also well supported on linux.