K8061 not detected via usb

I received the K8061-2 Kit from Rapid Electronics on Friday. I assembled fully and followed the steps and advice given in the user manual.

When power is applied to the board, as described in the manual, LD13 to LD20 light and the cpu run LED (LD12) flashes. When the USB cable is plugged in the ‘Power ON’ LED (LD10) lights although the board
is not detected by windows and the ‘USB’ LED (LD9) is not lit.

I have checked all the interconnects between pin chips using a multimeter in
case the problem is simply due to a poor solder and cannot find a problem. I am
now wondering if it is a fault with either the VK8061USB chip or the VK8061CPU
chip. Obviously I don’t have the circuit diagram for the chips so I can’t
really diagnose further.

I just wondered if you could point me in the right direction; is there any
important things I can check/test? If a chip is faulty how would I go about
getting a replacement?

I have tried steps I’ve found in other posts:

+5V at pins 1, 11 and 32 of the IC6.

Voltage between X2 and the gnd, both pins around 2V.

Current can flow between pins 15 and 16 of IC3 and the relevent D+ and D- on SK1.

Voltage on pin 14 of IC6. Is about 2.2V.

Sorry for the long post, it’s driving me crazy. Thanks

The problem is in the USB connection of IC3.
The IC6 seems to work OK.

You may check the voltage on following pins of IC3:
1: 5V
8: 0V
9: 2.2V
10: 2.3V
14: 3.4V
15: 0.54V
16: 2.63V
19: 0V
20: 5V

The values shown are indicative only.
The most critical is the pin 14 voltage. Should be 3.0V … 3.6V.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Definately have a problem there then.

IC3 Chip:

pin 1: 5.03V
pin 8: 0.00V
pin 9: 0.53V
pin 10: 0.50V
pin 14: 0.16V
pin 15: 0.00V
pin 16: 0.00V
pin 19: 0.00V
pin 20: 5.04V

Is this a faulty chip?


Yes, IC3 seems to be faulty.

So what is the next step then? Can i get a replacement chip sent to me? how would I go about this and what would the estimated timeframe be for this?

Thanks for all your help!

You can send e-mail to support@velleman.be and ask how to proceed.