K8061 more cards on pc

Is ik possible to program more then one k8061 card in a visual basic program?
With the K8000 i just link them together and make the input numbers higher is that the same for the K8061

On page 2 of the manual http://www.velleman.eu/downloads/0/illustrated/illustrated_assembly_manual_k8061_rev1.pdf is it mentioned: “up to 8 cards can be connected to PC”.

Thats not the problem. When you program the card you must use the command opendivice ( card 1 ) then you specify the cardaddress. But how do you say that if you have more cards that are connected to different usb poorts?

You can use the return value of the function OpenDevice to address the right card.
A quote from the document:

FUNCTION OpenDevice: Longint;
Longint: If succeeded the return value will be the card address read from the K8061 hardware. The
card address is value between 0 and 7 which corresponds to the jumper (A1, A2, A3) setting on the
K8061 card. Use this value in the next function calls to access this card.
If more K8061 cards are connected to the PC, repeat this function call until all the cards are opened. [/quote]
Here some code from the VB6.0 example:

[code]Private Sub Connect_Click()
Dim h As Long
h = OpenDevice
Select Case h
Case 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Label1.Caption = “Card " + Str(h) + " connected”
Option1(h).Enabled = True
Option1(h).Value = True
Timer1.Enabled = True
Case -2
Label1.Caption = “Card not found”
Case -1
Label1.Caption = “All cards opened”
End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Option1_Click(Index As Integer)
CardAddress = Index
End Sub[/code]

Thanx for the fast reply. I wil try it

Hello there,
I have a problem connecting more cards to one PC.
I am using 64bit Win7; I have the latest 64bit driver installed; each card has it’s unique address defined with the A1-A3 jumpers.
But anyway, pluging the first card results in well working connection. Pluging the second card (order doesn’t matter) results in “unrecognized USB device”.
Both cards work. But always only the first one gets loaded. For the second one Windows claims “no compatible driver”.

Any hints?

What do you see in the Device Manager after connecting the first card and what is displayed when the second card is connected.
Here is what there should be seen when two cards are connected:

On the right hand there are the driver details displayed.
With this driver version the K8061 should work on 64 bit Windows 7.

Well … I sorta solved my problem. It seems that if I plug second card to different set of USB ports, it works as expected. (There are USB ports in the front and in the back of my PC)

However in the future we would like to have more cards connected. So anyway, if I connect both cards to the same set of USB ports I see this:

(tried to translate). Anyway in this case windows will not recognize the card and keeps saying it doesn’t need a driver to load… I don’t understand. :slight_smile:

It seems that you are using the old driver version for the K8061.

Please download the package “K8061 driver update v4.0.0.0” from the Web page:
velleman.eu/support/download … 8061&type=

  • Extract the package.

  • There will be three subfolders when extracted: “K8061_DLL_v4.0.0.0”, “K8061Demo” and “K8061Driver_v1.0.0.2”

  • Remove the current driver: Select “Uninstall” in the device manager to remove the driver v1.0.0.6.
    You will get a pop up window with “Delete driver software for this device” check box, select that option to uninstall this driver completely.

  • Unplug and plug the USB cabe of the K8061.

  • Install the driver in the folder “K8061Driver_v1.0.0.2”

  • Now plug the other card too to some USB connector

  • Check its driver version in the Device Manager

  • If the version is (dated 19/12/2007), remove it and install the new downloaded driver.

  • When done, please check that the drivers of both cards are (dated 24/08/2009).

  • Run the demo in the folder “K8061Demo”

  • For your own application use the DLL located in the folder “K8061_DLL_v4.0.0.0”

  • Copy the DLL to the folder Windows/SysWOW64