K8061 & k8090

As a young software developer someone has asked me if I could program the communication for the cards K8061 and K8090 in C++. Because we will be using a mini-notebook we must use a USB-hub for the communication with the PC. Does someone has experience (or a bright vision) on the use of a hub in relation to communication problems? Does it work well? Does a hub need to be of a qualified type?

For as far as I know both cards require an external power source (12v dc).

Thanks in advance,
Mike de Klerk
Senior Software Engineer

Yes, both of these units use external power supply. The current consumption from the USB bus is low. I think any HUB can be used.

Are you using Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland C++ Builder?

The original dll for the K8090 was written in C (using Microsoft Visual Studio). If you want to develop software that uses this DLL in C++, you might want to use the original DLL’s .lib and header file.

You can download it here

The install package for the K8090 also includes a lot of technical information (like the protocol etc). You might want to start with that.