K8061 - Error:31 - Error: 5 - Crash - wrong analog values


I’m using the K8061 with Python using ctypes and access it from different threads.

Somtimes I can see Error messages on the console output which are comming most likely from the dll directly.
Is there a list of errors with explanation?

Sometimes my apllication crashes (Python.exe has discovered a problem and needs to close) Then the run mode led flashes.
Somtimes the device is still in the device manager list, but the demo8061 cannot find it anymore.
Sometimes it disappears even from the device manager list.
Recovery is possible by plugging the USB out and in again.

Reading analog inputs I often get wrong values if my application is busy.

I already exchanged USB cables and hub and used different K8061 boards and PCs.

Please help.

Best Regards,

You may try to use this newer driver:
Here is a link to download it: box.net/shared/p8hszo58sh
The driver version must be installed to use the new K8061.DLL.
The driver is located in subfolder K8061_Driver64 of the package.

There is also a demo software included to the package to test the operation of this new driver and new K8061.DLL.

The file MPUSBAPI.DLL must be copied to the same folder with the K8061.DLL.
Best place to copy these two files is the Windows’ folder System32 or SysWOW64.
These files can be copied to your application folder too.