K8061 dlls / compilation

I am using a module K8061 in a project.
Looks like I am obliged to re-compile my progam whenever a new version of K8061.DLL is released. Is there any solution ?

Thank you.

Where are you getting your DLL’s ?
These haven’t been update for a while


Thank you for your answer.

I am using 8061.DLL which is provided with the module. It has changed been modified times as you can see on the attached screenshot which shows the size.
Thank you very much.

I have the same problem - our program worked fine with the 62KB K8061.dll - however not with the 1572KB size file - which is the 64bit version? (its now running on 64bit - and recompiled)
Is there some supporting documentation on this DLL and what is different?
Many thanks

Yes, this is the 64 bit version.

The difference is that the new 64 bit DLL version can be used only with the USB driver v1.0.0.2 included to the package, available here.
I’m sorry, no more documentation available of this version.