K8061 CPU fail

Hi all,

I am having some bad luck with my k8061.

After assembling the board, i accidentally changed orientation of TLC5628CN IC. When i connected the power and USB, i noticed that RUN LED was off and CPU fail error in test application. In panic, when trying to remove it, i managed to break two of its pins. So i know i will need a replacement TLC5628CN, but i think i also damaged CPU. Can please someone tell me, what damage i did by reversing orientation of TLC5628CN IC and where can i get replacement parts?


All functions except the analog outputs of the K8061 should work without the TLC5628CN (IC7) too.
Without IC7 you can test the IC6 (CPU) is working OK:

  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Connect the power supply to the SK2 connector.
  • Now LD12 (RUN) should start flashing.
  • All the LEDs LD13 to LD20 should be lit.

If the LEDs LD13 to LD20 are not lit, check the +5V is OK on the board.

You can go to your local Velleman dealer and ask for a replacement parts.
You can also return the whole kit for repair to your local dealer or to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

I did the test as you described and all the LEDs LD13 to LD20 are lit but LD12 is not flashing. I ordered a replacement IC6 (cpu) and IC7. Should i test for any other component damage before i replace IC6?


[quote]Should i test for any other component damage before i replace IC6?[/quote]Before replacing the damaged components, you may check the 5V is OK on the pins 1, 11 and 32 of IC6.